Digital Learning Institute Feedback

The following quotes are responses from K-12 teachers who participated in ACU’s 2011 K-12 Digital Learning Institute summer sessions.

The teachers were asked: “What vision or purpose do you now see for integrating technology into your classroom?”

“It is a great tool for all. It is necessary for iYers. It can help make school alive for all of us.”
– Kathleen Brooks, Abilene Christian Schools

“It keeps the students engaged, and interested in the project. It allows them to be more active in learning, and presentation. It also enables them to use their own creativity.”
– Tami Weaver, Fort Worth Christian School

“I am a strong believer that technology should never be implemented for the sake of technology. The DLI reinforced this idea that the students technology use should only be limited by what is available to them toward the completion of content centered activities.”
– Bryan Bruning, Cooper High School

“I think technology will engage my students so they want to learn.”
– Susan Hughes, Abilene Christian Schools

“It’s not about the technology. Journaling, graphing, presentations, research literature search, polling in class, are all tools to increase student engagement, involvement, motivation, and learning.”
– Bob Murphy, Westlake High School

“I see it being used to enhance research methods and allow the students to have more options to create projects.”
– Jennifer House, Abilene Christian Schools

“I don’t think it is possible to do PBL without technology and learning 21st century skills.”
– Beth Green, Cooper High School

“Giving students other options for learning material other than worksheets.”
– Becky Hyink, Westlake High School

“It is the language our students speak.They will need to use technology no matter what profession they choose. It should keep them more engaged in what I want them to be engaged in.”
– Helen Wilcox, Abilene Christian Schools

“It will be difficult to teach without it.”
– Jeff Montgomery, Westlake High School

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