Level 1: Digital Learning Institute

One-week training for teachers who want to learn to create project-based lessons integrating technology. The next session is scheduled for July 16-20, 2012 on the campus of Abilene Christian UniversityCost is $795 per person; registration required.


Level 2: Menu Selection

Select courses offered on your campus. Vision Workshop. One to two day workshop with key stakeholders to create a shared vision of what the district wants to accomplish with a 21st century technology integration program and what that model will look like for students, teachers, and the community.

Introduction to 21st Century Classrooms. One to two day in-service for teachers to understand the need to integrating technology, developing 21st century skills, motivating today’s students, and how to enhance current lessons to develop higher-order thinking and to create lessons that are engaging and authentic to students. 21st Century Lessons. A one-week workshop for teachers to create lessons that develop twenty-first skills, integrate technology, are engaging and relative to students. This workshop starts with enhancing current lessons and moves teachers to developing project or challenge-based lessons.

Level 3: Partnership

Help school districts create a vision for implementing a mobile learning program. Develop and implement a teacher training program. Develop and implement a mentor training program. Develop and implement a leadership training program. Help school evaluate the effectiveness of the program. Offer ongoing support for teachers by participating in an online learning community of all participating schools.


Watch the TEA’s POWER ON TEXAS & 2011 Digital Learning Institute Videos