Connected Consulting provides unparalleled expertise and experience in mobile learning, online learning and digital educational strategies for higher education. We work with international organizations, national ministries of education, state educational systems, and individual institutions to help transform learning through educational technology. We believe the power of educational technology is not in the technology, but in how educators use technology to transform the learning environment.

Connected Consulting is unique in that we utilize a team of highly accomplished educators who have not retired from educational practice, but continue to learn and grow in active educational settings. Educational transformation is not just something we think about, but something we do – daily. We are authors, researchers, administrators, theorists, and visionaries. In short, we are academics redefining academics.

Our specializations in higher education are:

Mobile Learning deployments that range from Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) to managed one-to-one distributions. As a team of early adopters and first-to-market leaders, we provide a depth of experience and breadth of service that covers every aspect of mobile learning deployment and pedagogy.

Online Learning assistance and evaluation for new and established programs. We provide assistance in organizational design, administration, instructional design and online teaching. Assessment and optimization of existing programs are areas of special interest.

Designing Digital Learning Objects like online courses, educational apps, iBooks textbooks, and mobile savvy web applications that are built using best practice from a blend of design theory, cognitive psychology and neuroscience.

Strategic Planning and Goal Setting that advance educational outcomes and administrative efficiencies based on best practice, experience and research.

Presentations, Workshops, and Retreats that focus on educational innovation and academic advancement using educational technologies to advance academic outcomes.

Creation of Learning Commons and New Media Centers that provide innovative learning environments for twenty-first century learning activities.

Teaching and Learning Center creation and administration that motivate and inspire faculty to advance their pedagogical understanding and practice.

Empirical research and program assessment of mobile learning, online learning, and digital learning initiatives and programs. We offer unique expertise in evaluating the effectiveness in online learning programs by using the Quality Scorecard for the Administration of Online Education Programs.