Our Beliefs

Connected Consulting believes in empowering people to create and lead positive change. We pursue this purpose through education. We facilitate teachers in taking control of their own learning, and in turn, empowering their students and communities. We provide services to facilitate school administrators and teachers in leading and implementing technology-rich, learner-centered classrooms within a supportive community of educators.

We believe learning is a lifestyle. It does not begin and end in the classroom, but rather is a continuous cycle of finding areas of growth, pursuing growth, and reflecting on the results. The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. The world of today is not the world our students will enter tomorrow. We can teach them to be passive bystanders keeping up with change, or we can teach them to actively create and lead it.

BillieDr. Billie McConnell – President

Dr. McConnell has been a leading educator for over 30 years. He has experience as an assistant professor in Abilene Christian University’s Teacher Education Program, several administrative and teaching positions in K12 schools, and the experience of implementing a one-to-one mobile learning program. Dr. McConnell has a doctorate in Educational Technology, a Masters in Computer Education and Cognitive Systems, and a BS.Ed. in Secondary Education. He regularly presents at conferences and facilitates workshops for teachers and administrators.

DrewDrew McConnell -Director of Online Learning

With an M.A. in Learning Technologies, a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Digital Entertainment (Game Development), Drew McConnell is passionate about learning. He is constantly seeking to leverage technology to empower learners and improve education. Drew began his work in education as a technology trainer at Abilene Christian University, where he researched the effects of gamification on motivation in professional development. He has also worked as a corporate trainer and instructional designer. He has designed and conducted courses on developing mobile applications, creating media using video and audio editing software, and implementing instructional methodologies such as maker-based lessons in K12 classrooms.